Olga Fotin, MA, LPCC

There are many reasons that bring people to psychotherapy. Issues I specialize in:

Worry & Anxiety

Do you worry a lot? Do your fears stop you from doing what you dream about, or interfere with your daily activities? Is your anxiety so overwhelming that it makes it hard to focus on anything else?


Are there times when you feel like the world is a dark place and nothing good will ever happen again? Do you doubt your worthiness and ability to succeed? Do you feel sad and tired all the time?

Stress Management & Lifestyle Issues

Do you feel stressed and overwhelmed? Are you having difficulties with time management? Sleep difficulties? Are you struggling with implementing healthy lifestyle choices such as diet or exercise?

Relationship & Marriage Problems

Are you struggling with finding or choosing the right partner? Are you unhappy in your marriage? Contemplating a divorce?

Loneliness // Loss & Grief // Family discord

Do you experience difficulties coping with losses in your life? Feeling lonely, detached or estranged from others? Trying to resolve a family conflict or overcome relationship problems with your spouse, parents, children, or extended family?

Life Transitions

Are you in the process of adjusting to new circumstances? Do you feel lost or struggle with choices and indecisiveness about direction and next steps? Examples: becoming a parent, changing careers, getting married or divorced, immigration and adjusting to a new culture, being diagnosed with a chronic illness, retiring, etc.

Launching & Venturing

Are you about to start a new chapter in life and feel nervous and unprepared for it? Is there something that you feel passionate about but your doubts and fears stop you from trying? Are you in the middle of your journey and afraid that you might not be able to accomplish what you set out to do?

Perfectionism & Procrastination

Do you feel like what you accomplish is never good enough? Do you feel exhausted and drained by your attempts to make things perfect? Are you struggling with procrastination and getting things started?

Other Issues:

– Social Anxiety Disorder

– Phobias

– Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

– Emotional dysregulation

– Self-esteem

– Workplace issues

– Separation and divorce

– Infidelity

– Pregnancy, prenatal, postpartum

– Psychological factors affecting physical health and emotional difficulties associated with medical conditions (headaches, chronic pain, diabetes, hypertension, stroke, etc.)